Picture this: You purchase a new toothbrush and stop using it after only three days. Would you “blame” the toothbrush after four weeks? (Hint: Your dentist wouldn’t!)

This also applies to the Snooor wearable.

You should begin to see results after only about a week*—provided you use your anti-snoring wearable consistently. Every. Single. Night. Especially when starting out.

It’s easy to use the wearable, since it’s lightweight, compact and non-invasive. Again, remember: to get results, consistency is essential. To learn more about the adjustment period, click here.

Use your wearable with our medical-grade and hypoallergenic Snooor stickers, specially designed for the Snooor wearable. Each wearable comes with a free one-month’s supply.

Additional Snooor stickers are available here.

Read all instructions before use. Use only as directed.

Click here for instructions on how your anti-snoring wearable works.

*Everyone is different, so results may vary.