Anti-Snoring Device
Snooor stickers 32-pack
couple applying SNOOOR Stickers - apnea
SNOOOR stickers: applying to forehead
SNOOOR Stickers Anti snoring
Snooor stickers
SNOOOR Stickers 32-pack with box

Snooor stickers

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Stick it to snoring!

There's an easy, simple way to attach your Snooor wearable to your forehead.* Stick it on.

We tried headbands. We studied other options. We were frankly puzzled by others.

No luck.

Snooor stickers are tiny.
They're non-invasive.
And they're really simple.

Medical-grade and hypoallergenic, Snooor stickers are specially designed for your Snooor wearable. The double-sided stickers are specifically made to apply to your skin, and they are latex- and drug-free. The result: gentle, non-irritating and long-lasting adhesion ... and a great way to "stick it to snoring."�

Each pack contains 32 single-use disposable stickers- a one-month supply. For continuous restful nights, make sure to order Snooor stickers monthly.

Your first-month's supply of stickers is shipped free with your Snooor wearable.

*Your anti-snoring wearable can also be attached to your breastbone. Please ensure that the area is free from body hair before applying.

For optimal use, ensure that your forehead is clean and dry before applying.